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Little business correspondence of the Naples house survives. In the collections of records of the London banking house will be found material relating to the Naples business, including correspondence from Carl, Adolphe and C M de Rothschild & figli to the London bank.

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C M de Rothschild & figli: sundry business correspondence of Carl von Rothschild, 1845; 1850

000/2013/7, 000/2283, 000/2434, 3 items

Carl  Mayer von Rothschild (1788-1855), sundry business correspondence. Many of these items have been acquired individually by the Archive.

  • business letter in French sent from C M de Rothschild, Naples, 22 January  1845 to Monsieur B Parodi, Genova;
  • letter from to Carl Mayer von Rothschild to S M von Rothschild in Vienna regarding calculations of values, Frankfurt, 25 February 1850;
  • letter from C M Rothschild, Frankfurt, 13 January 1851, to an unidentified correspondent, in German. Rothschild writes on financial matters concerning new bonds and also refers to the Kaiser and Koenig Royal officialdom of Imperial Austria.