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Outgoing correspondence

M M de Rothschild Frères, sundry letter copy books, 1858-1891

000/2148, 7 volumes

M M de Rothschild Frères, sundry letter copy books, 1858-1891:

  • Allemand No.76 8 Sept-11 Oct 1858
  • Allemand No.96 24 Aug-29 Sept 1860
  • Allemand No.98 6 Nov-21 Dec 1860
  • Allemand No.100 28 Jan-23 Feb 1861
  • Madrid 6 Apr-5 Aug 1864
  • No.88 11 May-22 May 1891
  • No.92 22 June-1 July 1891

These volumes are correctly part of a series of volumes of M M de Rothschild Frères, that were held by the Paris house, and then in 1972 were deposited with the Archives Nationales de France in Paris by the Rothschild family, before being transferred to the custody of the Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail in Roubaix, France. The collection at Roubaix is owned by the Trustees of The Rothschild Archive. 

These volumes were presented to RAL as a gift by the Director of The Jewish Library, Paris, Spring 2013. It is not clear how these volumes became separated from the papers of  the Paris house, or how they ended up in the custody of The Jewish Library Paris; they may have been lost during the Second World War, or gifted to the Library at some point.