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Sundry papers held in London

The Rothschild Archive London holds no papers of de Rothschild Frères concerning French Rothschild oil interests. The Archive in London holds some printed material and secondary sources listed below.

Correspondence between the London Partners and their French cousins makes reference to oil business. See Records of the London banking house: Correspondence Department, Private Letters to the Paris House, 1906-1914 (XI/130A/0-8) and Correspondence from de Rothschild Frères, 1837-1918 (XI/101/0-104).

de Rothschild Frères: oil business, postcard of a 'Rothschild' oilwell in Baku, c.1904

000/1574, 1 item

Black and white posctard of a 'Rothschild' oilwell in Baku. Dated c.1904 from the message written on the reverse which refers to a 'crisis'; between 1902 and 1906 Baku witnessed labour unrest. The postcard was not a sent by, or received by, a member of the Rothschild family or business; it was acquired by the Archive for the image illustrating a Rothschild oilwell.

de Rothschild Frères: oil business, secondary sources 'Scientific American', 1892

000/1220, 1 item

Page from the Scientific American, 1 October 1892, with two engravings of the Harbour of Baku and the town of Baku with tramlines. The text also details the rise of the Russian Petroleum industry in Baku.

de Rothschild Frères: oil business, secondary sources, 'Kraftübertragungsanlage der Apscheroner Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft Baku', c.1903

000/1858/1, 1 item

Modern photocopy of Kraftübertragungsanlage der Apscheroner Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft Baku, a brochure containing a number of photographs of Baku, derricks, and machinery, c.1903. The title of the brochure translates as "Power transmission system of the Apscheron Electricity Company Baku"; de Rothschild frères was the major shareholder in the company. The original brochure is in the collection at Roubaix, file 132AQ 301 (6J22).

de Rothschild Frères: oil business, BNITO (Batoum) photograph album {copy images], c.1912

000/1858/2, 1 folder

Copy images from an album of BNITO photographs showing oil drilling work in Batoum. The images show Rothschild oil business in the 19thC, including the site decorated with flowers for the coronation of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia (1868-1918). BNITO (from Russian 'Batumskoye Neftepromyshlennoye i Torgovoye Obschestvo' or the Caspian and Black Sea Oil Company), was an oil business founded in 1883 by Mayer (Alphonse) de Rothschild (1827-1905) of the French Rothschild family. In 1912, the company was acquired by Royal Dutch Shell. The original album is held in the RAL collection at Roubaix, (132 AQ 288).