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Roubaix collection (48AQ): Compagnie du chemin de fer du Nord

The Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail in Roubaix, France holds collections of related papers concerning Rothschild railway business. 

For further information about records held in France and how to access them, see the Introduction to The Paris banking house 

Compagnie du chemin de fer du Nord

Fonds 48 AQ (1994 036), 1837-1959, 6915 files and 878 microfilms 


Founded in 1845 to operate railways in Paris and lines to Belgium the North Railway Company was originally a complete and homogeneous network. Within the first ten years of its existence, it absorbed some secondary railway companies (Creil-Saint-Quentin, Fampoux-Hazebrouck and Amiens-Boulogne). In 1875, it took over the lines grouped around the Compagnie du Nord-Est (Lille-Valenciennes and Lille-Béthune) and the Compagnie de Picardie et des Flandres. In 1853, it took over rights to the Charleroi-Erquelines lines in Belgium, and subsequently other lines. In 1937, the company was nationalised, and the SNCF was entrusted with the operation of the network, the Compagnie du Nord becoming a shareholder. The Belgian part was integrated in 1926 with the Société nationale des chemins de Belgium.

Summary catalogue

48 AQ 1-9, 6443-6472

Assemblées générales. 1846-1950

48 AQ 10-53, 3304-3307, 6915

Conseil d'administration. 1845-1942

48 AQ 54-579, 2751-2834, 3304-3307, 6473-6478

Comité de direction. 1845-1952

48 AQ 2835-3277, 3313-6442, 6754-6903

Secrétariat général. 1844-1957

48 AQ 580-684

Domaine privé. 1906-1946

48 AQ 685-832

Comptabilité. 1930-1945 48 AQ 833-1967, 1976-2685, 2725-2750, 6469-6505, 6521-6753 Service des titres. 1855-1958

48 AQ 6506-6515, 6909

Service du personnel. 1870-1952

48 AQ 3291-3297, 3308-3312, 6904-6908, 6910-6914

Service technique. XIXe-XXe siècles

48 AQ 3278-3303

Service de l'exploitation. 1845-1935