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Roubaix collection (60AQ): Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans

The Archives Nationales du Monde du Travail in Roubaix, France holds collections of related papers concerning Rothschild railway business. 

For further information about records held in France and how to access them, see the Introduction to The Paris banking house 

Compagnie du chemin de fer de Paris à Orléans

Fonds 60 AQ (1994 036), 1838-1953, 858 files and 16 microfilms 


The Paris-Orléans Railway Company was created in 1838 to build and operate a railway line from Paris to Orléans. Approved by the royal ordinance of 13 August, the company was created on 13 August 1838 with a capital of 40 million francs. The first chairman of the board of directors was François Bartholony. The first part of the line, from Corbeil via Juvisy opened in 1840, with the line reaching the city of Orléans in May 1843. The company quickly expanded, adding the line from Paris to Bordeaux in 1853 and then Paris - Clermont - Ferrand via Bourges in 1855 . The subsequent acquisition of the Grand Central Railway Company brought lines from the southwest and the Massif Central as well as the Paris-Sceaux-Orsay line.

The Paris-Orléans Railway Company was one of the five large private railway companies whose networks were nationalised on 1 January 1938 to create the SNCF. After nationalisation, the company refocused on financial activities and was renamed Paris Orléans, becoming a company associated with the Compagnie du Nord to serve as a holding company for the Rothschild group.

Summary catalogue

60 AQ 1-181

Compagnie de Paris à Orléans, 1838-1956

60 AQ 182-185

Compagnie d'Orléans à Bordeaux, 1845-1859

60 AQ 186-203

Compagnie du Centre, 1844-1853

60 AQ 204-209

Compagnie de Tours à Nantes, 1845-1852

60 AQ 210-212

Compagnie de Montluçon à Moulins, 1854-1856

60 AQ 213-217

Compagnie de Paris à Sceaux, 1844-1853

60 AQ 218-220

Compagnie de Paris à Orsay, 1854-1857

60 AQ 221-292

Compagnie du Grand Canal, 1852-1867

60 AQ 293-295

Comités mixtes entre compagnies avant la fusion, 1846-1854

60 AQ 296-307

Fusions et traités, 1833-1908

60 AQ 296-338

Compagnie de Paris à Orléans, 1837-1908

60 AQ 339-726

Régie d'Aubin, 1840-1885

60 AQ 726

Exploitation, 1851-1871

60 AQ 727-854

Conseil, 1900-1930

60 AQ 855

Finances, 1845-1947

60 AQ 856

Personnel, 1846

60 AQ 857

Affiche, 1930