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Moscow Papers (58 series)

In 1940 the Nazis seized business and private papers from the French family. These papers were later taken into the custody of the Soviet Army at the end of the Second World War. The files were stored at the Centre for Historico-Documentary Collections in Moscow, catalogued as Fond 58. In 1994, with the cooperation of the Chairman of the Committee for Archival Affairs of the Government of the Russian Federation, these documents were transferred to The Rothschild Archive London.

The collection, known as 'The Moscow Papers (58 series)' consists of 1,402 files relating to 26 members of the Rothschild family and their relatives. It includes many business papers relating to the Paris house, including Accounts of the Paris house, 1914-1925, sundry letter copy books, railway business and the nationalisation of the French railways in the 1930s.

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