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Rothschild & Co

The English and French businesses unite

In 2003, after 44 years with the family firm, Sir Evelyn de Rothschild stepped down as Chairman of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited. The appointment of David de Rothschild as his successor as the Rothschild Group Chairman brought together again the English and French Rothschild business houses, with the merger of N M Rothschild & Sons Limited and Rothschild & Cie Banque.

Rothschild & Co.

In 2011, N M Rothschild & Sons Limited was rebranded to become Rothschild & Co. In 2015, the parent company of the Rothschild Group, formerly known as Paris Orléans (originally founded in 1838 as a railway company, after the Second World War, the French branch of the Rothschild family transformed Paris Orléans into a holding company for its banking activities) changed its name to Rothschild & Co. to match the trading name of the business. In 2017, Rothschild & Co acquired the family-controlled French private bank, Compagnie Financière Martin Maurel. This merger united the businesses of two European financial families. After the acquisition, Rothschild & Co became the leading private bank in France. 

In 2018, Alexandre de Rothschild (b.1980) succeeded David de Rothschild as Executive Chairman. In Europe, Rothschild & Co. forms a confederation of separate banks with Rothschild & Cie Banque in France and Rothschild Bank AG in Switzerland. 

Archive sources

The Archive currently holds very few records of Rothschild & Co., with the exception of a few published documents. See The London banking house for information about records Rothschild & Co. held by the Archive.