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Sundry business papers

The Viennese bank founded by Salomon von Rothschild in the 1820s was eventually taken over by the firm S. Nicolai during the Second World War. Regrettably, most papers of the business have not survived. The Rothschild Archive London holds a few small accessions of sundry business papers of the firm S M von Rothschild and Söhne. These are described here.

A few papers of the Vienna house may also be found in the Correspondence series of records of the London banking house.

The Rothschild Archive holds a small but significant collection of papers of the Viennese Bank. Important business and private papers of the Viennese Rothschild family were seized by the Nazis in 1938, and later taken by the Red Army to Moscow. These papers known as 'The Moscow Papers (637 series)' were deposited with the Rothschild Archive in 2001.