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Sundry papers

S M von Rothschild: sundry business papers, 1769-1867

000/573/11, 1 file

Copies of letters, documents and inventories in the Archive Rothschild, of Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855), Vienna. All written in German. 

  • Appointments of and orders of titles conferred on Rothschild, Mayer Amschel (1744-1812) 1769-1835 (German)  
  • Zehendbuch 1771-1775 (German)
  • Decree of Prussian War Office. 10 April 1790 (German)
  • Decree of Emperor Francis II appointing Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) ‘Hof-Factor’ (Imperial Court Agent) with all privileges attached to this position. 29 January 1800 (German)  
  • Documents relating to action brought against Rothschild, Mayer Amschel (1744-1812) accused of being implicated in Westphalian Insurrection. 1808. (French and German)
  • Sale of building plot at Frankfort by town of Frankfort to Rothschild Bros. 24 March 1809 (German)  
  • Rothschild, Mayer Amschel (1744-1812) appointed Financial Councillor by Landgrave of Hesse William I. 14 December 1815 (German)  
  • Francis I, Emperor of Austria, confers nobility on Salomon Mayer Rothschild. 25 March 1817 (German)  
  • Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) appointed “Commercial Privy Councillor” by King Frederik VI of Denmark. 14 April 1818 (German)
  • "A.M von Rothschild, C. von Rothschild and J. von Rothschild appointed Commercial Privy Councillors” by King Frederik William of Prussia. 26 May 1818 (German)
  • Two letters by Gentz, 1820 & 1822 (German)  
  • Five letters between Prince Metternich and Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) relating to a Neapolitan Loan. 1821 (German)
  • Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) created Baron by Emperor Francis I of Austria. 29 September 1822 (German)
  • Letter, 10 December 1822 from Ferdinand, Duke of Würtemberg to Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) (German).
  • Extract of Contract relating to purchase of Castle of Suresnes by Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855). 15 June 1826 (German).
  • Contract of purchase of House Rue Laffitte No. 13, 9 April 1832 and no. 28, 16 November 1830 by Salomon Mayer von (1774-1855) (German).
  • Letter, 17 March 1833 of King Frederik William to Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) allaying the latter’s fears with respect to Jews in Prussian states (German).
  • Letter, 2 April, 1833, accompanying a China vase, a present of the King of Prussia to Baron Salomon de Rothschild. 2 April, 1833. (German).
  • Letters of Prince Metternich and Baron Kübek to Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) about loan of Fl. 80,000,000. 1840-42 (German)
  • Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874)’s Note Essentielle of 31 December 1838; his letter to his children of 31 October 1841; his letter of 8 August 1838 to Michaud in Paris and the latter’s answer of 16 November, 1838, all about a report that Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) had been baptized (German).
  • Decree, 22 August 1842  of Court of Office in Vienna. Permission to buy property in Witkowitz, Moravia (German).
  • Address presented to Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) by the representatives of Jews in Hungary, 6 July 1842; Address of Jewish Community in Pesth, 15 June 1844; Congratulations of German Jewish Community in Vienna, 11 January 1843 and of Turkish Jewish Community in Vienna, 31 January 1843, on the occasion of his receiving the Freedom of the City. (German).
  • Documents conferring Freedom of the City of Vienna on Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874), 5 January 1843 and May 1843; His gift of 30,000 – 5% Metal Bonds for charitable purposes, 16 January 1843 and letter in connection therewith. (German).
  • Permission to buy ecclesiastical property in Moravia, 15 February 1844 (German).
  • Letters in connection with Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874)’s gift of 40,000 towards building of Politechnical Institute in Brünn and Diploma conferring the Freedom of Brünn on him, 1844. (German)
  • Details of two contracts dated 6 August 1857 relating to Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) letting part of 17 Rue Laffitte to North of France Reg, and dated 15 January 1857, relating to Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) letting parts of 17 Rue Laffitte to Rothschild, James Mayer de (1792-1868) (German)
  • Contract of 22 March 1858 by which Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874) lets the estate of Zur Grüneburg. (German)
  • Document conferring citizenship of Vienna on Rothschild, Anselm Salomon (1803-1874), 10 January 1867. (German)

S M von Rothschild: sundry business papers, postcard, c.1926

000/371, 1 item

Postcard from Rothschild & Söhne, 1926. This commercially produced blank postcard with a pre-printed stamp bears the stamp 'Rothschild & Sohne, Stuutgart' and was sent to Mannheim by a clerk of the business.

S M von Rothschild: sundry business papers, International Acceptance Bank Inc. vs Amstel NV and SM von Rothschild, 1931

000/1731, 3 volumes

S M von Rothschild: sundry business papers: Volumes relating to the case of International Acceptance Bank Inc. (plaintiff) vs Amstel NV and SM von Rothschild (defendants) under the Securities Arbitration Agreement of December 19, 1931: Plaintiff's Brief, Brief for Defendants, Stipulation of Facts.

S M von Rothschild: secondary sources, anti-Rothschild broadsheet, 'Ein offener Brief an Rothschild', 1848

000/1324, 1 item

S M von Rothschild: secondary sources, anti-Rothschild broadsheet, Ein offener Brief an Rothschild issued in Vienna in 1848.