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Staff of the Archive, past and present, contributed to the compilation of the original hard-copy Guide in 2000: Vic Gray, Melanie Aspey, Tamsin Black, Elaine Penn, Richard Schofield, Mandy Bell and Gill Crust. Many researchers at the Archive have explained and commented on the contents of various aspects of the collection, especially Dr Rainer Liedtke, Dr Ines Roldán and Matthias Sommer, from whose expertise the compilers have particularly benefited. Dr David Kynaston and Elizabeth Carlo offered thoughtful and welcome comments and Emma Rothschild and David Landes made useful interventions in the later stages.

The online edition of The Guide, introduced in 2014, was created by CBJ Digital for The Rothschild Archive, London, using the hard copy edition of 2000 as its basis. Since 2014, the online Guide has been greatly expanded to include more detailed catalogue information about individual series. Thanks go to Justin Cavernelis-Frost and Ricardo Cavernelis for this ongoing work.